Born in 1989 I grew up on the countryside in the very south of Germany.

At the age of 8 my “musical career” began with the piano. I started out with classical music and as the years went on I began to develop an interest in jazz music. I felt an attraction to the saxophone which I started to play and it went on to become my main instrument.

During high school I collected a lot of experience playing with Big Bands, smaller jazz ensembles, theatre plays and musicals.

After graduating from high school I spent one year working at the local music school, which lead me to Potsdam where I started my study at the “Institute for Contemporary and Popular Music”.

Looking for another more newer challenge I changed location after two years and moved abroad to the Netherlands, Arnhem, where I continued my study at ArtEZ (Jazz&Pop).

Looking back on my musical path I was very lucky to be introduced to the wonderful world of music through a lot of great and different musicians, bands and projects. Willing to face any challenge I was confronted with my musical horizon expanded to an unexpected dimension. This made me the musician I am today.

Among a lot of bands and projects “The New Jazzport Orchestra”, the “Berliner Jugend Jazz Orchester” and “The European Jazz Academy” were important chapters for me where I had a great time, very inspiring moments, awesome concerts and where a lot of good friendships developed.

I am very greateful that I had the honour to attend workshops, master classes and clinics and to work with Herb Geller, Joe Gallardo, Joo Kraus, John Ruocco, Eric Van Lier, John Clayton, Snarky Puppy, Bob Reynolds and Bob Mintzer.

Discovering endless new music, facing new challenges made my life as a performing musician, composer and teacher very exiting.

Having the ability to lead a band as a frontman and/or soloist I see myself also as an section player in big and small settings.

A recent project of mine, where I am the cofounder, manager and saxophonist is a 15 piece ensemble, called “The Chronometer´s Orchestra”.